Waterloo Fluoridation
Monday, October 25th, 2010

As a voter receiving Waterloo's fluoridated water (Waterloo, parts of Kitchener, Elmira, St. Jacobs and other parts of Woolwich Township) you will be asked to vote on this question in the October 25th, 2010 municipal election.

"Should the Region of Waterloo fluoridate your municipal water?"

Yes? or No?

Video created/produced by Phil Shuh of Fluoride Free Waterloo
(2min. 38sec. 13-Oct-10)

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In 2007 when citizens raised concerns about hydrofluorosilicic acid fluoridation containing trace co-contaminants arsenic, lead, mercury and radioactive materials, certain Waterloo staff and some members of council merely dismissed these concerns. They said Waterloo’s water was perfectly safe to drink and if people don’t agree then they should go and purchase a home water filtration system. Since that time, a number of people at Waterloo City Hall have become sufficiently concerned about water quality and safety that a water filtration system was installed there, capable of removing some of the very impurities citizens were originally concerned about. Taxpayer's dollars have been spent to purify City Hall water, while citizens are left to drink supposedly safe water. Although WaterlooWatch is genuinely glad those working at Waterloo City Hall have access to purified water, apparently deemed to be even more pure than the bottled water they were previously supplied, we are saddened and angry that the citizens have been ignored and marginalized despite obvious, legitimate concerns about municipal water. Instead of filtering everyone’s water, why not simply stop adding toxins to our water by turning off hydrofluorosilicic acid fluoridation? It just seems so intelligent.

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